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Weighing in on the Juice Cleanse Debate.

According to a recent report from Consumer Reports Magazine – “Is a Juice Cleanse Right for You?”, almost 20% of the adult population has tried a cleanse at one time or another and the biggest users are men mostly from the age group of 18-34 year olds. Consumer Reports estimates that Americans spend more than $200 million on bottled cleanses each year. This is big business.

When on a cleanse diet, you replace solid foods you normally eat with fruit or vegetable juices for several days, weeks or even longer depending on the program. Supporters of juice cleanses claim that they detoxify the body, help to “reset” the digestive system through pure nutrition and ultimately help reduce weight.

Opposers of Juice Cleanses say that they have little to no protein or fat which deprives the body of materials needed to help build muscle tissue and vitamins like A, D, E and K. They also argue that our bodies are already designed to eliminate toxins through the kidneys and liver and that any weight reduction through the use of a cleanse is short term, mostly water, and won’t lead to any sustainable weight loss.  Another point made by opposers,  Juice cleanses don’t contain a lot of fiber (<12g/day) and fiber is needed for normal digestion, prevention of constipation and weight control.

Juice Cleanse Pros & Cons

Despite the fact that use of cleanses for long term weight loss has been debated and debunked by specialists in the gastroenterology and obesity fields, many 18-39 year olds will continue to seek a quick path to instant health and weight loss through the use of cleanses. it is important for weight loss professionals to steer this group of cleanse enthusiasts in the right direction toward an easy, nutritional, and sustainable plan.

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AuthorWeighing in on the Juice Cleanse Debate.