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Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide for Weight Loss Clients.

Holidays are stressful enough but for certain people who are struggling to stay on their diets during the holidays, festive family gatherings and bountiful feasts create so much stress and anxiety for them, they just can’t enjoy this wonderful time of year. You, as a weight loss provider and coach, can help clients survive the Thanksgiving Day holiday by providing appropriate guidance and sharing these tips from our Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide.

  • Stay the Course!  Remain dedicated to your weight loss program throughout the holidays. Never miss an appointment and visit with your counselor! The holidays are when support is typically needed the most.
  • If your idea is to not follow your weight loss plan on Thanksgiving Day, it is very important to follow it right up until the holiday and start again the day after (even if you are a Black Friday shopper!)
  • Make an eating plan for your Thanksgiving Day meal. Write your plan down before the holiday and keep it handy in case you need to refer to it for reinforcement.
  • If preparing foods and/or baking, chew gum to help avoid “taste testing” and sneaking in those extra calories.
  • Journal this day like you would any other day. This self-accountability will help you stay true to your goal and weight loss journey.
  • Wear snug-fitting clothes (not tight) to avoid over eating.
  • Think your drink. Be sure to choose drinks that are low in calories and remember alcohol tends to stimulate appetite and adds unnecessary calories!  Try to avoid alcohol.
  • Do not skip any meals the day of Thanksgiving.  Skipping meals tends to lead to over eating. Plan to have your breakfast and any snacks you typically have prior to the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Be sure to socialize away from the food table before/after the meal. This will help you manage your food intake.
  • Use a smaller plate to help reduce portion sizes and control calories.
  • Exercise during the day! Exercise and movement helps to burn calories.
  • Mindfully eat. Stay tuned in to your satiety and stop eating if you feel satisfied.
  • Avoid or cut back on the higher calorie, not- so-healthy options at the meal such as gravy, stuffing, turkey skin, and high calorie desserts.

Following these simple diet tips can relieve your clients’ anxiety during the holiday and make them true Thanksgiving Day survivors!

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AuthorThanksgiving Day Survival Guide for Weight Loss Clients.