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Lack of Water Can Lead to Overeating and Dehydration.

Lack of water can lead to overeating and dehydration!  The brain does not differentiate between hunger and thirst.  When your weight loss patients or clients think they are always hungry, their body may in fact be signaling to them that they are really thirsty!  The key is getting patients or clients to hydrate regularly before their body gets to that degree of thirst.

Lack of water can quickly lead to dehydration making it hard for the body to carry out normal functions and even the mildest form of dehydration can drain your patients/clients of energy and leave them feeling sluggish and tired all the time.  This worn out feeling they are experiencing is probably not from their excess weight or even their new exercise routine  but merely their own defense mechanism signaling to them that they need more water intake.   Discuss the many health benefits to staying hydrated with your patients/clients during their routine weigh in appointments.  According to Medical News Today, drinking the daily recommended amount of water can reduce daily sugar, sodium, and saturated fat intake.

You can help your patients/clients to hydrate often by putting water and products containing water at the top of their meal plan.

1. Advise them to drink at least an 8 oz. glass of water or fluids with each meal up to 64 fluid ounces a day.

2. Make sure they hydrate before, during and after exercise as well as before and during long hours in the sun.  During activity that causes excess sweat, their fluid intake should contain sodium to replace what is lost during the activity.

3. Advise them to substitute alcoholic or sugary drinks with sparkling water during social gatherings.

4. If they are drinking from a bottle, advise them to thoroughly clean or replace the bottle often.

Excessive thirst and urination can be signs of a serious medical condition and if your patients/clients are concerned that they may be dehydrated, they should check with their doctor as soon as possible.

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AuthorLack of Water Can Lead to Overeating and Dehydration.