International Distribution

Nutritional Resources products are increasingly sought by bariatric physicians and surgeons around the globe.

Our unsurpassed range of nutritional choices and the quality of our products has made us the clear choice among weight loss professionals. We offer a range of products and programs designed to provide answers to your needs. We are a GMP certified manufacturer and a holder of a free sale certificate for our entire product line. If you need specialized products to meet special dietary needs, we can provide your unique product with the quickest turnaround time in the industry and with the assurance that it is made of only the highest quality ingredients.

Our international customers count on our expertise both in product and packaging to meet their needs.

They rely on our years of experience to provide them with both the business and operating expertise. For more information about how Nutritional Resources can work in partnership with you to assure the most favorable result for your practice and your business, contact our National Sales Manager at 1-800-395-8931 or 706-869-1222.

Lesley AsendorfInternational Distribution