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How to Use Social Media to Market The Weight Loss Business.

Social media marketing in definition is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through media sites.  Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks – Wikipedia.
According to social media business experts, 87% of small businesses use social media and three of the top social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Facebook is the largest social media site and is considered low volume, high value.  It functions using “likes, “comments” and “shares” from the Facebook community to generate social networking. The best content for business Facebook is informational, pictures and videos.  Facebook ads can be purchased for fairly low cost and can be quite effective in gaining reach/shares/likes. Facebook Business will walk you through the ad creation process as well as show you how to set up your target audience (using your contact list). Facebook can also show you how to create a mirror audience (look alike target audience) to increase your reach, shares and page likes even more.  Facebook has great analytics tools (Insights) so you can measure your ROI. Posting on Facebook should be at a minimum of 3x/week and at a maximum of 10x/week to be most effective.
Twitter is the fastest moving social networking site and is considered high volume, low value. Twitter basically functions by way of user re- tweets, mentions, replies and content shares within the Twitter community.  Twitter can be used to redirect traffic to your own business website, blogs and your other social media sites. The best content for Twitter is inspirational, informational, news, humorous quotes and shout outs. Use the 80/20 rule - tweet about 20% of your own business content and tweet about 80% of industry related content. To get the most out of Twitter, optimize compelling visual content with links and/or hash tags (#) whenever possible.  Twitter has business analytics tools to help you analyze your tweets and measure their effectiveness. Because Twitter is so fast moving, the most up to date information can be found there and tweets should be done up to 5x/day at a minimum for best results.
Pinterest is another popular social media site and produces 4x more revenue than Twitter. There are 70 million users on Pinterest. This social networking site basically functions as an on line catalog.  It’s an easy way to share and save favorite items. Businesses create boards by pinning images from websites to various collections. Pinterest is a very effective referral source for businesses. This social networking site is a great marketing tool for retailers enabling these businesses to drive user traffic to their own retail website or on line store.

This was just a few examples of how to use social media to market the weight loss business. Other great social networking sites for small businesses are Linkedin, Google +, tumblr.  Businesses need to experiment and find out which social networking platform works best for them.
Source: Constant Contact “From Just Using Social Media to Getting Real Results.”

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Marketing the Weight Loss Business.


AuthorHow to Use Social Media to Market The Weight Loss Business.