About Us

Nutritional Resources, Inc. is a USA food plant located near Augusta, Georgia with 50,000 square feet of production capacity and 50,000 square feet of distribution space. We locally employ approximately 100 people.

Here at Nutritional Resources, we have been manufacturing and distributing portion controlled meal replacements, nutritional snacks, protein beverages, entrees, shakes, desserts, and bars under the HealthWise brand for more than 28 years.

Headquartered in the south, we take great pride in taste. Our food science group has years of experience in creating the greatest tasting, high protein nutritional products on the market. We call that The Art of Nutrition.

We also understand that great nutrition has no value if it’s not affordable to your customer. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of value.

Nutritional Resources Manufacturing Information

We are a medium sized food manufacturer that focuses on weight loss products. Most of our products are dry blends. We also manufacture liquid protein drinks including 3 oz protein shots. Our products can be viewed on our website healthwisenri.com

  • Approximately 100 employees  and we’ve been in business over 28 years under the same ownership
  • Approximately 40% of our business is for HealthWise branded products and the rest is private label and co-packing
  • We blend ingredients up to 500-2500 lbs a batch. Up to 10,000 lbs a day on single shift
  • On site micro lab and quality lab with IR testing
  • 2 food scientists on staff.
  • Separate 50,000 square foot warehousing distribution center with print shop
  • 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility
  • All areas are inside and air conditioned
  • We have 8 production lines consisting of :
    • Horizontal machines. 3 lines machine speed range 30-70 pouches/minute
    • 8 oz. dry bottle and canister line
    • Vertical line with 2 Form seal units
    • Liquid operations 3 lines can fill 1 oz. – 20 oz. bottles and cups
    • Pasteurizer, mixing tanks for hot fill.
    • Seasoning/coating equipment

We are Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified and Kosher approved.

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