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10 Key Email Marketing Tips When You Build Your Weight Loss Brand.

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their marketing strategy.  As technology advances so must businesses improve in their ability to provide top notch marketing messages in order to compete and convert more customers.    Email marketing is essential in guaranteeing successful communication to your customers and potential customers. Here are 10 key email marketing tips to consider when you build your weight loss brand as cited by Constant Contact.

  • Email is considered a stronger marketing vehicle than most social media sites and all of these platforms should be used together to reach your target audience.
  • Make your promotional emails compelling enough that someone would want to open, read and take action right away. On average it takes 10 seconds for an email recipient to decide if they want to read an email or not. Email marketing companies like Constant Codsntact can help you design your emails in a way that is more compelling to the reader and take your email marketing to a whole new level.
  • Brand consistency is extremely important – use the same colors, same logo on all marketing messages.  This is important in building brand recognition and then brand loyalty.
  • Logo position is always best when placed on the left side or middle of promotional email.
  • Email categories for higher open rates are human relations topics – #1, informational emails – #2 and sale/promotional content – #3.
  • Use interesting call to action buttons with contrasting colors/interesting objects or consider navigation symbols to attract and direct the recipient to take immediate action.
  • Big, Bold images of everyday people enjoying an activity are great for making an emotional connection with the reader.  People make impulsive buying decisions everyday strictly based on their feelings/emotions at any given moment.
  • Create a “join my mailing list” CTA (call to action) button that you can include with your email signature to help grow your list and expand your reach.
  • Social share links – include links that enable your email recipients to share your content with others through social networking.  You do not have to have your own Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin page to use the social share links.  If you do have social networking accounts, you can also hyperlink pre-made social media icons to direct people to “like” you on Facebook, “follow you” on Twitter or “connect” with you on Linkedin.
  • Timing and frequency can make or break your email marketing performance.  Send your emails often enough that your contacts feel connected with your business.  Send emails when you have good content to share that will engage your audience but not too often that they will ignore and delete your messages.

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